our team

  • Bill Herried - Lead Pastor


    "If I had to define Christianity in one word, it would probably be the word 'serve.' To love is to serve and the people @ CenterPoint love to serve our city. My wife, Erin, and I have six amazing kids (3 by marriage) and 3 grandchildren (so far...) and we love being a part of this crazy bunch of people at CenterPoint, whose love for Jesus is transforming Tacoma."

  • Dr. Doug Collier - Elder


    "How can Christians make an impact for Jesus Christ in their community, at work, at play, at school or in the world? Our mission statement at CPCF is to help people find new life and build devoted followers of Jesus Christ to serve the world. My goal is to make this happen by developing spiritual leaders in our church; discipling men and women."

  • Rick Parkos - Elder

    Always friendly and always looking for ways to help, Rick is a friend and leader here at CenterPoint.

  • AJ Brumfield - Elder


    AJ serves as an elder at CenterPoint, and is one of the people you might see up front on a Sunday morning. AJ has a wife and two kids.

  • Josiah Herried - Pastor of Worship Arts & Ministry


    Josiah is CenterPoint's Worship Arts Director and is in charge of developing ministry systems. Josiah is the proud father of two children and the lucky husband of one wife. 

  • Erin Herried - Director of Children's Ministry

    Erin and an amazing team of volunteers lead CenterPoint Kidz Nursery & Power Hour on Sunday mornings & CenterPoint Kidz Lighthouse on Wednesday nights. They love making a difference for Jesus in the lives of children!

    Erin and her husband, Bill, are parents to 6 grown children (3 by marriage), and "nana & papa" to three grandchildren! Erin loves teaching kids to love God's Word and to worship with noisy joy!! She also sings & plays keys on the worship team. She's a teacher for Tacoma Public Schools.

  • Rod Parkos - Youth Ministry Director

    Rod heads up the youth ministry at CenterPoint, and leads a terrific team of volunteers. They enjoy spending time with the middle school and high school teens, teaching them how to build relationships with Christ and prepare them to serve others through ministry and discipleship. 

    Rod works as a nurse, and also serves as the Audio Director at CenterPoint. He is married to his wife and best friend Rebecca, and they have a son.