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Christmas offering 2018

This year, we have the ability as a church to give something back to those serving tirelessly—both in our community and at CenterPoint. 100% of our 2018 Christmas Offering will be used to target two areas of need, detailed below:

The first goal of our Christmas Offering will go to benefit Tacoma Area Youth For Christ’s ministry, A•NEW. As part of Tacoma Area YFC’s Juvenile Justice Ministry, A•NEW brings hope for all teens who are affected by, or at high risk for, sex trafficking. They empower teens to “write their story anew” with support and resources provided through loving relationships with adult YFC leaders. YFC has opened the A•NEW Safe Space, a 1-bedroom apartment accessible as a “refuge” for girls to visit, rest, eat a meal or do laundry, and connect relationally with YFC mentors.  

Our first goal is to fund a retreat for A*New teens, and also to purchase a new washing machine for their Safe Space. 

The second goal of our 2018 Christmas Offering is to benefit the hardworking volunteers here at CenterPoint. As a church, we believe that service is indispensable to a life of following Jesus. Our production team serves in a capacity that few of us can—lending their talents to facilitate true and passionate worship on Sunday mornings and other times throughout the week. However, they are using equipment that is old, discontinued, and unreliable. 

We’d like to show our appreciation to them as a church by purchasing new gear (a sound board and cabling), which will not only help them, but also improve our worship and services at CenterPoint .     

Our goal for the entire Christmas Offering is $6000. Any giving over that amount will go directly to YFC’s A•NEW ministry, since they are in need of additional financial resources to buy ongoing supplies for the facility (such as food, art supplies for classes, books, cleaning supplies, and laundry detergent). 

Please pray about how you can be involved in this year-end opportunity!