our team OLD

  • Bill Herried - Lead Pastor


    "If I had to define Christianity in one word, it would probably be the word 'serve.' To love is to serve and the people @ CenterPoint love to serve our city. My wife, Erin, and I are parents & grandparents, and we love being a part of this crazy bunch of people at CenterPoint, whose love for Jesus is transforming Tacoma."

  • Shaun Rankin - Elder

    I am 37 years old and I am married to the love of my life, my wife Sara. I have two children: my son Dylan, and my beautiful daughter Emily. I’ve pretty much lived in the Tacoma area my whole life as my dad was in the military stationed at Ft. Lewis. 

    I work as a saw filer at a lumber mill down in the Tacoma tide flats. I have been there for almost 19 years now. I absolutely love what I do; it is a very fun job to have, because I am able to work with my hands and create beautiful wood products. 

    My hobbies are golfing (when I can get out there!), watching football (if you know me you’d know I’m a big Seahawks fan), and hanging out with my family and friends. 

    My love for the Lord is huge. I absolutely love to serve him with the greatest passion. I want to help accomplish CenterPoint's mission by sharing Jesus with people I interact with, and in doing that, people will come into our church with the understanding that we love everyone, because God loved us first. Sharing the love of Jesus is something I strive for.

  • Tim Todd - Elder

    I have been married for 43 years and I have 3 children (1 Boy and 2 Girls) and 6 grandchildren (3 Boys and 3 Girls). My wife’s name is Sheilagh and she is also a member at CenterPoint.

    I am from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and moved to Houston, Tx in 1994 with Sheilagh and our 2 Daughters (Carmen and Teresa). Our Son (Jason) stayed home in Edmonton.

    I worked for a Hospital system there for 17 years before moving to Tacoma. I currently work for a large Corp as a Delivery Consultant making and maintaining Electronic Medical Records for Nursing and Rehab.

    My hobbies are Computer Flight Simulators and playing drums. I been involved in the Cascade Community & Jazz Band for the past 4 years.

    My heart for our Church is that we become a true beacon of light in our Community, that our members' hearts and minds are focused on Jesus' work. My passion is that we treat people with respect and dignity, that we accept all who enter our church with love and acceptance.

  • Josiah Herried - Executive Pastor


    Josiah is CenterPoint's Worship Arts Director and is in charge of developing ministry systems. Josiah is the proud father of two children and the lucky husband of one wife. 

  • Erin Herried - Director of Children's Ministry

    Erin and an amazing team of volunteers lead CenterPoint Kidz Nursery & Power Hour on Sunday mornings & CenterPoint Kidz Lighthouse on Wednesday nights. They love making a difference for Jesus in the lives of children!

    Erin and her husband, Bill, are parents and grandparents. Erin loves teaching kids to love God's Word and to worship with noisy joy!! She also sings & plays keys on the worship team. She's a teacher for Tacoma Public Schools.