Christmas Offering 2020

At CenterPoint, a healthy part of our financial budget every year is committed to missions and missionaries here in our community and around the world. The regular tithes and offerings of the CenterPoint Family make this possible.

But every year at Christmas, as a church body, we like to go OVER AND ABOVE, and make a big financial PUSH towards a worthy cause. 

For the past eight years, Bridges of Love NW has hosted “Jobs for Life” classes, which is a proven strategy for helping adults secure employment and build healthy lives that will create momentum toward stability in their life. However, like many programs and classes around the world who were affected by the pandemic, Bridges of Love had to stop their Jobs for Life program earlier this year. They want to recreate the program in a way that is designed to operate over video conferencing, but they realize the need for much effort, training, and staffing that will need to go into the new effort. 

At CenterPoint, we believe that we have been called to live out the love of Jesus, and that being the case, we want to support this amazing cause, and help Bridges of Love to launch their newly redesigned Jobs for Life program. 100% of our Christmas Offering will go to our ministry partner, Bridges of Love NW. Please give generously, and pray with us that this program will continue to have an impact in our community in the name of Christ.